Disc Breaks with Llupa – 186 – ft. Fisso & Spark – 22nd December 2011

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 186 – ft. Fisso & Spark – 22nd December 2011

This special Christmas edition of the show we’re bringing you an exclusive guest mix from some guys that have been dropping some bombs this year – Fisso & Spark. I got into these guys when they hit Dead Famous and really liked their ability to mash styles and vibes between releases – never constrained to one sound, but never losing the consistent groove and vibes that they brought. They’ve had a really strong end to 2011 with a recent release on Highgrade and fantastic remix for Digital Sensation UK that I’ve been rinsing.

The guys answered some questions I threw at them with the full interview is here – Disc Breaks Interview: Fisso & Spark

Fisso & Spark

Fisso & Spark is the story of a great friendship, an unconditional love for music and a common dream.

Fisso and Spark’s paths first crossed in 2007, and from that spawned a studio partnership that saw them meld house, breaks and techno together and make it their mission to craft music that is giant in vibe.

In 2009 they proudly signed with Dead Famous Records with the well received single “You Are Right”. Taking inspiration from a great variety of styles they kept producing and remixing, specializing in breaky techno with great energy…


Ah… a great way to see in Christmas with all these unreleased bangers from Fisso & Spark, so cool to have a back 2 back guest mix from the guys – that went down very well…. Have had quite a bit of psy hit my inbox this week, so thought I’d lay it all down in my first hour – enjoy 🙂

Next Week – last mix for 2011, what shall I play……………


01. 48k – Barb Wired (Bad Tango Remix) [Yellow Finger Communications]
02. Hedflux, Neurodriver – Energy Vibration [Broken Robot Records]
03. Bad Tango – Analogue Hedgehog (Original Mix) [Logariddim Records]
04. Tim Healey & Atomic Drop – Take Control (Hedflux Remix) [Surfer Rosa]
05. RMS & Peak – Ten Dimensions [Broken Robot Records]
06. Acidova Break – The Dream (Monk3ylogic remix) [RUNE Records]
07. Unconscious Minds vs. Peak – 5D Hologram [Psychoactive Records]
08. LuQas – Dark Matter [Broken Robot]
09. Andy Faze – Alternative Kontrol [VIM Records]
10. Beatman, Ludmilla – Leeroy Jenkins (Triple Agent Remix) [Ayra Recordings]

Guest mix – Fisso & Spark

01. Fisso & Spark – Girls Jump [unreleased, upcoming on Kick it Records]
02. Kid Digital – Banging Machine (Beta Remix) [Bombtraxx Records]
03. Fisso & Spark – Fusion [unreleased) [upcoming on Rune Recordings]
04. Kiwa – Drop Control [High Grade Recordings]
05. Aaaren Sun – Apes From Space (Dirtyloud Remix) [The Book of Electronomicon]
06. Uktu S. – Disco Fever (Disco Fever)
07. Fisso & Spark – Phat me Up [unreleased, upcoming on Hard Hits]
08. Kid Digital – Done With That feat. Profit (Colombo Remix) [Hardcore Beats]
09. Fisso & Spark – Usual Suspects [unreleased, upcoming on Kick it Records]
10. Slyde – Move Your Body [Slybeats]
11. Shimon & Nixon – White Noise [Finger Lickin Records]
12. Quadrat Beat – Dancefloor Pressure (Bubu Remix) [Rave art Records]
13. Fisso & Spark – Funk Trip [unreleased]
14. Bsd – This is It [Mental Machine Music]
15. Far Too Loud & Alex Mind – Bring Back Boogie [Bazooka Records]
16. Fat Boy Slim – Star 69 (Rogue Element Remix) [Skint Records]
17. Kultur + Colombo – Blow Me [iBreaks]