Disc Breaks with Llupa – 164 REPRISE – 16/06/11

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 164 REPRISE – 16/06/11

As DJ Marty B is away I decided to play on and rinse some new stuff that I normally don’t play on my Disc Breaks Show – hence why I’ve separated it out from the normal show archive. Thoughts peeps might dig it, so here it is!

Llupa – Reprise

01. Abdomen Burst – Narada (Innuendo Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
02. Colombo – Everybody [iBreaks]
03. Kid Digital – Bangin Machine (Beta Remix) [Bombtraxx Records]
04. Demolition Disco – Big Mama (Access Denied Remix) [Riot Riot Broken]
05. Mr. B – Little Acid People (Drumattic Twins Remix) [Rogue Industries]
06. Quadrat Beat – Trust Me [Natural Breaks]
07. 4Kuba – Charlie Chaplin [iBreaks]
08. Quadrat Beat – Dancefloor Pressure (Bubu (BREAKS) Remix) [Raveart Records]
09. Zerostailaz – The Black Rock [Funndrak Records]
10. Sharaz – Through You [941 Electro]
11. BSD – EBM (Elektronik Breaks Movement) [Mental Machine Muzik]
12. Lunar Shift – Eximo [Big Square Records]
13. Quadrat Beat feat. Kyla – Back In The Game (Original Mix) [Pooty Club]
14. Journeyman & BARRcode – Criminal Minds (Gella’s Thugout Remix) [Mutate Records]
15. Jinx feat Brainz – Pervert (Sidel Remix) [Yellow Finger]
16. DJ Mutiny Soul Runner (Superstyle Deluxe Remix) [Botchit Breaks]
17. Karton – Chase It high [Sound Of Habib]


  1. 2hours of music and 70MB filesize?? Horrible quality,pls record in highest bitrate, min 192kpbs. This is unlistenable!!!