Disc Breaks with Llupa – 159 – ft. VIM Records 100th – 05/05/11

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 159 – ft. VIM Records 100th – 05/05/11

This week on the Disc Breaks show we’re very pleased to be showcasing VIM Records 100th release compilation ‘100 Lights away from home: The Collaborations Compilation” through a guest mix featuring tracks from the release by VIM records head honcho, the Pale Penguin.

Any fan of the show will know of my love for VIM Records, these guys have put out some amazing tunes and are relentless with their release schedule. 100 releases is a major achievement by any label, but to have the vision to release a compilation such as this as the 100th, shows that these guy have no plans to stop with the quality and breakbeat is a better place for that. One not to miss.

VIM Records – ‘100 Lights away from home: The Collaborations Compilation’

In a quiet corner near Carnaby Street exists the kingdom of Unorthodox Style, a world that’s habited by a group of people that are passioned with creation and some strange nutricious habits. A contemporary Aladin’s cave, full of never-ever dreamed treasures, objects and dreams that worth so much as the story of people lives in it, like the countless sacrifices that those people did as time passes by.

Even mysterious Ali, the last one that get into the team, did his sacrifice to the Gods of creation when, being spended all student loan to his graduation show, managed to survived eated only a kilo of cheese for two weeks…….and i think that this was a real sacrifice! The Englishman Sterne suspected it as he coughed blood between marvels on his Sentimental Journey. The Piedmontese Pavese had dreamed of it as a boy watching vanishing trains. The Parisian Des Essientes avoided it by travelling no further than exotic restaurants. V.I.M.RECORDS the label knows it too: there is no such thing as a Return!

The only ones that deserve our love are those that are crazy for life. All those that want everything at the same time……fast cars, charming women, bop, a lot of red wine, much writing. I wish that our town were full of steamy, dark, poor huts, full of tension, jazz and literature. To revive in us that long forgotten passion of love……….a man can dream though, a man can dream.

So you can take this compilation as yet another proof of our inconsistency, try to grow some affection for our coat of colors and we will blow you a kiss, a little prouder, if not much wiser.
This is the Rolls Royce of compilations!


Big thanks to VIM records for this showcase – so much quality in one release! it’s out now, so go check it at Beatport. Had a couple of tech issues with the server and a cable, but we got there in the end. Big thanks also go out to Ben and his folks for allowing me to do the show from their place in Sydney 🙂


01. Parallax Breakz – Unicorn [RUNE Recordings]
02. Mesmer – With You [Scarcity Records]
03. God Within – Raincry (Koma & Bones Remix) [Dorigen Music]
04. Halobeatz – A Journey (Helbot Remix) [VIM Records]
05. Jeroen Van Aken – Switch The Flip (Andy Faze Remix) [CDR]
06. Home Alone – Acid Feast [Yellow Finger]
07. Farace – Feel That Ammunition feat Trevor Rockwell (Wavewhore Remix) [Kick It Recordings]
08. Hironimus Bosch – Bass Instinct [Subtribe Records]
09. Fletric – Plasma Funk [Ego Shot Recordings]
10. Colombo – Summit [iBreaks]
11. Journeyman VS BARRcode – Summer of Dub [Digital Sensation UK]

Guest Mix – VIM Records – 100th release showcase – ‘100 Lights away from home: The Collaborations Compilation’

01. CAGE PAGE & TOY QUANTIZE: Heavenly Sea [VIM Records]
03. BL1TZ & SASSER: Nailah [VIM Records]
04. HOME ALONE & LLUPA: Harbinger [VIM Records]
05. PARALLAX BREAKZ & M_SPARK & ANDY FAZE: Fast Forward [VIM Records]
06. STEVE MACCABE & SYSTEM 2: Fusion [VIM Records]
07. DIGIBOX & BEAT RANGERS: Century [VIM Records]
08. RUIDO & TRASHYOU: Time Traveller [VIM Records]
09. SOMSAY ft.SHAGUN & DIME: Score More London [VIM Records]
10. CLAAS REIMER & SYNCRO 69: Moon Pong Babylon [VIM Records]
11. ZIPMIX & ETTA0101: Grenadine [VIM Records]