Disc Breaks with Llupa – 152 – ft. Clandestine – 10th March 2011

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 152 – ft. Clandestine – 10th March 2011

so, back to back guest mixes – this week featuring new comers Clandestine to the decks! I picked up on these guys with the first release they had with Phrakture, then was very impressed with their Twilight remix and recently their new remix coming out on RUNE. These guys really nail the Disc Breaks sound so I had to get them onboard – this is a quality mix of the deep stuff – make sure you don’t miss this one!


Clandestine started out as a pastime endeavor for Art and Ilya. The Russian-born duo met in 1999 and found they had similar tastes in music. They both enjoyed the works of Hybrid, BT, Burufunk, Luke Chable, Adam Freeland, Evil Nine, Shiloh, and Elite Force to name a few. They began experimenting with music, making simple tracks, and mixing their favorite tunes. Around 2005 they began posting their sets on sites such as Hybridized under the pseudonym Finger Funk. The sets had a small but loyal following. They branched out further and began experimenting with Logic Studio. With no formal musical training they created solid remixes and a original productions. They also collaborated with Phrakture, partnering on the track ‘Parasomnia’. Under the name Clandestine, the duo published their first official remix of Aeron Aether’s ‘Twilight’, which was selected as one of the winners of the Twilight Remix Competition and released on Morphosis Records in December 2010. Clandestine is currently resident with Rune Recordings, and has several remixes and original productions in the works for the label.


Ah – enjoyed that mix… Lots of new stuff from me, love finding new artist and labels! Topped off with a great guest mix from Clandestine – great work guys, muchly appreciated – you’re going to hearing much more from them in 2011 me thinks… big tings!


01. Kawatin – Paradigm Shift (Original Mix) [Glack Audio]
02. Chris Cowie – Nostra (Vocal Mix) [Bellboy Records]
03. Ivan Nikusev, Aggressor – Barbarians (Digital Department Remix) [Underground City Music]
04. San Mehat & Jared Kesler – Pneumonia [RUNE]
05. 9b0 – Sad Cat – Flack.su Remix [Glack Audio]
06. SoulState, Esprit Fort – Midnight Murder (Breaks Mix) [Green Martian]
07. Abdomen Burst – Karkelure (Atrium Sun’s Karkedance Mix) [Morphosis Limited]
08. Mindgamers – Crusty Funk (Nemaier Remix) [D-Lab Records]
09. Sidel & Dallean – Lost In Time [Scarcity Records]
10. Fletric – Microgravity (Mobius Remix) [Flextone Recordings]

Guest Mix – Clandestine

01. Imetic, The Magnet Men – Faith In Chaos (Original Mix) [Hardcore Beats]
02. Spector – Elektrify (Sketi Remix) [Rogue Industries]
03. Sinners Inc. – Drop The Bass 2011 (Llupa Remix) [Definition Breaks]
04. BJX – Manipulator (Original Mix) [Distinctive Records]
05. Freak Da Bass – Club District (Yreane Remix) [RUNE]
06. Refracture – Free Man (Eshericks Remix) [Ridiculoud]
07. Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful (Original Mix) [LOT49]
08. Deakaluka – Music (Original Mix) [Dirty Funk Records]
09. Parallax Breakz – Scream (Original Mix) [RUNE]
10. Clubsonica & Ilya Mosolov – HypnoLove [RUNE]
11. Yreane – Another Deep Space (Mesmer Remix) [Scarcity Records]
12. Trukers – Round Trip Dreams (Clandestine Remix) [RUNE]

Llupa – cheeky extra track 😉

01. GBX – Immigrants [iBreaks]