Disc Breaks with Llupa – 150 – 24th February 2011

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 150 – 24th February 2011

WOW – 150 shows down 🙂 decided to through in a little Llupa special in this one, going through all my recent remixes, plus a new one I just finished. Also in there new stuff from BSD, Journeyman VS BARRcode, Big Mistake, Deenk and Run Riot

Now I want to send out a MASSIVE thank you to everybody who voted for the show @ Breakspoll. This week I found out I’d made it into the top five, with the final winner being drawn at the event next week. This news blew me away and I am eternally grateful for all the support I have been given by the artists, labels and listeners over the last 3 years. Not sure I’ll bump Annie of her perch, but it is damn amazing just to get into the top 5. Big Respect to the others NSB show nominated – Beatz n Bobz Show hosted by Ben & Lex.

and finally a big shout and loadsa respect to Mesmer, Scarcity, Digital Sensation UK, Home Alone and Hedflux all receiving nominations across the board – good luck to all of you, you all deserve to win – viva la Deep breaks 🙂

Here’s to the next 150 !


01. East Cafe – How It All Began (Felix Stone Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
02. Steve Maccabe – Aero (Home Alone Remix) [VIM Records]
03. Home Alone – Awake (Duane Barry Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]
04. Deenk – Zombie Nation (Ghettface Remix) [Distorsion Records]
05. Peter Paul – Electrolia (RuN RiOT Remix) [N-Mitysound Records]
06. Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM – 2 Freaks (Unreleased Dub) (TCR)
07. Mesmer – Melting Yoghurt (Robosapiens Remix) Scarcity Records
08. Home Alone – Tobacco (Llupa’s 16mg Remix) [Ego Shot Records]
09. Yreane – Another Deep Space (Llupa Ishikawa Remix) Scarcity Records)
10. Abdomen Burst – Sakkura (Llupa’s In Bloom remix) [RUNE Recordings]
11. Parallax Breakz – Shadow (Llupa’s Me And My Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
12. Diistortiion – Decent (Llupa’s Material Defender Remix [Definition:Breaks]
13. Sinners Inc – Drop The Bass (Llupa’s Drop The Deep Remix) MDefinition:Breaks]
14. Diistortiion – Taken (Llupa’s Liberation Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]
15. Aggresivnes – Essence (Llupa´s Passive Remix) [Electroshok Records]
16. Exodus – Sparkle [iBreaks]
17. Parallax Breakz – Asteroid (Andy Faze Remix) [RUNE Recordings]
18. J Hazen – 700ft (Beta Remix) [Sound of Habib ]
19. Askii – Endorphins [PB-Records]
20. Fisso & Spark – Blow Your Mind (LuQas Remix) [Dead Famous]
21. Big Mistake – Guenon [Psychoactive Records]
22. BSD – Phantasmagoria [Mental Machine Muzik]
23. Journeyman VS BARRcode – Summer of Dub (Blazer Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]



  1. Congratulations! Only discovered your mixes just before christmas and have been steadily working my way through your old shows..loving every minute. Thanks again and good luck with the award!