Disc Breaks with Llupa – 129 – 5th August 2010

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 129 – 5th August 2010

Bit of a cranking set this one, but is a touch wobbly in some places 😉 fresh stuff from Dusted, XSSR, Dead Famous, Ridiculoud, DSUK and Scarcity, classic stuff from Rennie & Uberzone and Orbital

01. Chris Nemmo – Nightshade (Nemmotronic Mix) [Digital Sensation UK]
02. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan – Angel Dream (Retroid Remix) [Liquid Surface Recordings]
03. The Emissary – Synapse (Fretwell Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
04. Fletric – Plug Me (Retroid Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
05. Fletric – Microgravity (Mobius Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
06. Home Alone – Asshole (Mongewz & Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
07. Christoph Maitland – Powertrain (Farace Remix) [Pop And Lock]
08. Digital Breaks Foundation – Experience [VIM Records]
09. Youthful Implants vs. Tigerfunk – Heatseeker (Jeroen van Aken Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
10. Dawbs and Mesmer – Rogue Jah (Mesmer’s Caravan of Dub Mix) [Scarcity Records]
11. Rennie Pilgrem, Uberzone – Cous Cous (Royale Mix) [TCR]
12. Triple Agent – Metamorphosis [VIM Records]
13. Break The Box – Rock The Mic (Robosapiens Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
14. George Lukin – Insignia (Farace Remix) [Badbwoy Bass Records]
15. Sawtooth – Dance With Me [Dead Famous Records]
16. Andrey Mute – Landmine (Karton Remix) [XSSR]
18. Retroid – Supernatural [Sound Of Habib]
19. B-Phreak – X-Static (Mesmer Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
20. Mesmer – Glareglaze (Line of Sight’s Antiglare Remix) [Scarcity Records]
21. Orbital – Impact (FFS Remix) [Hacker]
22. Future Funk Squad, The Crystal Method – Isolate feat. Melody Klyman (Beta Remix) [En:Vision Recordings]
23. Diistortion – Taken (Llupa’s Liberation Remix) [Ridiculoud]
24. Karton – All You Need (Mesmer Remix) [Sound of Habib]