Disc Breaks with Llupa – 126 – ft. Kraymon – 15th July 2010

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 126 – ft. Kraymon – 15th July 2010

Another quality exclusive guest mix for you this week on the Disc Breaks show, this time I’m very excited to be featuring Left of Centre breakbeat extraordinaire Kraymon!

I first really got into Kraymon with Papillion Rouge on Dead Famous, the feedback I gave back to DF was ‘very cool tune, something a little different, loads of melodic and organic elements fused together with a great rolling bassline makes this almost the perfect tune for me’ – and it really was. Since then I have been a very keen follower of his unique sound and was lucky enough to recently remix one of tracks Without Words out on Dusted Breaks now. I asked for a guest mix and he most happily obliged, so get ready for an hour of solid breakbeat tunes with their foot firmly planted in the melodic and quirky, this one is great!


Pete Horsham is Kraymon. His debut single ‘Got to Get Busy’ was a clear indication of his musical intentions and since its release in 2001 and he has been doing exactly that. (In this sense, the message behind other track titles, such as ‘Time Wasting’, should undeniably be ignored). Nowadays he has more strings to his bow than a cheese straw and is involved in a multitude of remixes, club nights, tours abroad, and kazoo master classes.

Starting off putting out music in the breakbeat playpen, he clambered over the top and landed safely on a mattress of electronic musical fibres. Regardless of the tune, however, there is always a distinct Kraymon style; hard to define, impossible to resist. Actually, some have attempted to define it, but such valiant efforts always result in nonsensical words. But it is fair to say he is renowned for his colossal squelchy bass, intricate beats and sublime, crispy production. Kraymon makes dance floors a very sweaty place with tracks such as ‘Just Press Play’ which is guaranteed to get things moving. All you need to do is press play.

Everyone wants a fat slice of the Kraymon cake, and many record labels ask for a second helping, including Boombox, En:vision, Freakaboom, MBN, Streetwise, Dusted Breaks, Dead Famous and local Bristol based Vertical Sound Records. He also gets to fiddle around with music made by his contemporaries and remixes all over the shop, including Product.01, Future Funk Squad, 30Hz and Koma & Bones. Support for Kraymon tracks has come from such luminaries as Laurent Garnier & Orbital who not only played “Got to Get Busy” at festivals and on BBC Radio 1 but also sang its praises in DJ Mag.

As part of the KINGPIN brethren, Kraymon is part-responsible for Bristol’s finest underground dance night that has been running since 2002. Going off on a techno tinged tangent from the original breakbeat theme of KINGPIN has not restricted genres that are played there, but instead it has invited more in. Guests range from firmly established international breakbeat & techno legends such as Radioactive Man, Hardfloor & Octave One, to local DJs playing reggae and dub-step. The line-ups continue to be impressive and eclectic and if you ‘watch this space’ you might get too excited!

In addition to being a resident at KINGPIN, Kraymon has played far and wide in the UK, ranging from a New Years Eve slot in Brighton, to playing at Glade festival and performing a live set at Fabric. He is a generous chap. Not content with amusing the masses at home, Kraymon has been known to go on one-man road trips to lands afar, ranging from playing weekends in European cities, to mixing it up on the other side of the world in Australia. The venue is almost irrelevant. He sounds just as good everywhere; luckily. And if that wasn’t enough, he has been generous enough to ensure the rest of the world isn’t excluded, and there are many more peripatetic plans are in the pipeline.

Kraymon should not be confused with a Krayon. The latter would be a bit less bass orientated, and you can’t wipe Kraymon off the walls. You wouldn’t want to anyway. He sounds too good.


Phew – what a show – 4 hours and a double dose of the Disc Breaks – Big respect to Kraymon for sending through a quality guest mix, loving the style! I also squeezed in a showcase mix of my stuff that I recently put together for Abdomen Bursts’ radio show PLUS there’s new stuff from Scarcity, RUNE, Big Square,and Ridiculoud – epic!


01. Parallax Breakz & Shebuzzz- Clouds [RUNE Recordings]
02. The Emissary – Synapse (Fretwell Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
03. Royal Sapien – Outlander [Olaris Records]
04. The Emissary – Transfigured Night (Aeron Aether Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
05. Fletric – Plug Me (Retroid Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
06. Fletric – Microgravity (Mobius Remix) [Flextone Recordings]
07. Line Of Sight – Bubblegun [Scarcity Records]
08. Parallax Breakz – Wisdom (Oleg Zubkov remix) [RUNE Recordings]
09. Helbot – Deep Inside [Composure Records (UK)]

Guest Mix #1 – Llupa Showcase

01. Llupa – Release Her [CDR]
02. Yreane – Another Deep Space (Llupa’s Ishimura Remix) [Scarcity Records]
03. Llupa – Going Under [CDR]
04. Kraymon – Without Words (Llupa’s Gestuno Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
05. Llupa – Over And Out [Scarcity Records]
06. Yadek – Believe In Me (Llupa’s Dogmatic Remix) [Ego Shot Recordings]
07. Llupa – Shadow Walker [CDR]
08. Parallax Breakz – Shadow (Llupa’s Me And My Remix) [Rune Records]
09. Diistortion – Taken (Llupa’s Liberation Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]
10. Aggresivnes – Essence (Llupa’s Passive Remix) [Electroshok Records]


01. Fash – Secrets [Silvernoise]
02. Mesmer – Glareglaze (Line of Sight’s Antiglare Remix) [Scarcity Records]
03. 9b0 – Antilightbulb (Retroid Remix) [Glack Audio]
04. Koma & Bones – Rubber Mullet [Thrust Recordings]
05. Krapula Concept – Future Shock (Kultur & Colombo Remix) [Metamorph Muzik]
06. Mesmer – Cubes (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [Scarcity Records]
07. Lupo – Surprise Me (Karton Remix) [Kick It Recordings]
08. Fletric – Leveler (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
09. Merka – Turbo (Kultur & Colombo Remix) [Big Square Records]
10. Diistortiion – Dynamite [Ridiculoud Records]
11. Aggresivnes & The Brainkiller – Dark feelings [Electroshok Records]

Guest Mix #2 – Kraymon

01. Intro [0 secs]
02. Beber – Bitches [30 secs]
03. Flore & Shunda K – Feel Me (Peo De Pitte Remix) [6.22]
04. Ek – Exit Enlightenment (Kraymon Remix) [8.28]
05. Tony Faline – One Time 4 The DJ (DJ Icey Remix) [10.49]
06. Refracture – Eternal (Mr No Hands Remix) [13.12]
07. Afghan Headspin – Cocaine (Gella’s Rather Have A Tablet mix) [17.25]
08. Run Riot – Everybody Needs A Bassline2 (Mr No Hands Remix) [20.28]
09. I.F. – Space Invaders Smoking Grass +
10. Plump DJs – The Knife [24.42]
11. Luke Vibert – Synthax [30.00]
12. Line Of Sight – Bubblegum (High Eight Remix) [32.22]
13. Si Begg Presents Buckfunk 3000 – High Volume (VIP Mix) [37.06]
14. Octa Push – Ai Nadia [40.51]
15. Siriusmo – Let Me In [43.56]
16. Kraymon – Big Ravey Bastard [45.44]
17. Dylan Rhymes – Kemptown (Peo De Pitte Remix) [50.12]
18. Kraymon – Without Words [54.54]