Disc Breaks with Llupa – 99 – ft. Yanix – 10th December 2009

Disc Breaks with Llupa – 99 – ft. Yanix – 10th December 2009

This week see the return of the Disc Breaks guest mix series with Yanix who, along with his production partner Ghettface, have recently exploded on the breakbeat world with some solid releases backed up by an impressive array of remix artists all released on their own new label Ridiculoud Records. After hearing some of their tunes I had to hit them up for a guest mix as they like to play in the deep driving end of breakbeat that I love. Needless to say the mix Yanix has done is solid, so make sure you tune in to this one – it’ll be the last guest mix of the year afterall…..


What a wicked mix to close off the Disc Breaks guest mix series for 2009! Big up’s to Yanix for it – some classic tunes – expect some more quality from Ridiculoud in 2010

Next week – Disc Breaks 100th Show Retrospective mix – 4 hours


01. WI:RE feat. Artie Q – Bionicle [VIM Records]
02. Kiwa – Stream Funk [High Grade Recordings]
03. Far Too Loud, Code Zero – Blackout (Headphonics Remix)
04. Robosapiens – Bodies {Dead Famous]
05. Myagi – The Heat [Pop And Lock]
06. Doc Trashz The Battle (Boonos Remix) [Erase Records]
07. Meat Katie and Elite Force – Dark & Deep [U&A]
08. Mars & Motive feat. MC Profit – Back To Basics (Kid Digital remix) [XSSR]
09. BreakZhead – Turn Limiter Off! (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Subtribe Records]
10. Jurassik – Operator (Left/Right Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
11. Jinx – Big Fat Ass (Llupa Remix) [Yellow Finger]
12. Great Scott – Safehouse (Stefan Anion’s Slightly Risky Remix) [Scarcity]

Guest Mix – Yannix

01. Karton – Spacetrip 82 (Original Mix) [Sound Of Habib]
02. Ghettface – Get Loud (Karton Remix) [Ridiculoud]
03. 9b0 – Antilightbulb (BETA Remix) [Glack Audio]
04. Ghettface vs. Yanix – Wikked Wayz (BETA Remix) [Ridiculoud]
05. Plastic Shell – Dead End (Eshericks Remix) [Ayra]
06. Digital Base – Superfashion (4KUBA Remix) [iBreaksBass]
07. Break The Box – The Hell (Original Mix) [Lucky Break]
08. Kiwa – Drop Control (Original Mix) [High Grade]
09. Sam Hell – Bone Snow (Original Mix) [Sinister]
10. Ghettface vs. Yanix – Get Ripped (Sam Hell Remix) [Ridiculoud]
11. Ghettface vs. Yanix – Get Ripped (Original Mix) [Ridiculoud]


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