Disc Breaks with Llupa ft Luqas- 71 – 7th May 2009

Disc Breaks with Llupa ft Luqas- 71 – 7th May 2009

Hot on the heels on recent Disc Breaks guest mixes from Eschericks and 9b0, we have another soon to be household breaks name – Luqas. This is going to be a big year for Luqas with a recent signing to Dead Famous Records and a gaggle of remixes about to drop that are already starting to cause a rumble. He’s thrown down a great mix that’ll give you a real indication of what to expect from this tech-funk padwan.


A veteran of the early Bristol breaks scene, LuQas, aka Luke Trott now plies his trade in Brighton England. Brought up on diet of grunge and metal, he was gradually drip fed dance music by enlightened friends and family (thanks sis!) and now has an unhealthy obsession with repetetive beats and squelchy beeps.

He has fronted a regular Saturday night show on nsbradio for the past 4 years, originally as part of the Checkout Djs, now alongside Pav and Toxic Shock representing the Slackers crew. Slackers Convention is a long-standing breaks (and other stuff) night in Brighton whre LuQas has been a resident for the past 3 years or so. With an adventurous party attitude the Slackers sorts have thrown parties here, there and everywhere with a notorious reputation for hedonistic misbehaviour. The Slackers show won’t be tied down to one genre, and you can expect to hear tech-house, progressive, psy-trance and techno – be sure to check it out every Saturday 7-9pm GMT on http://www.nsbradio.co.uk.

LuQas has been busy beavering away in the studio and has tracks forthcoming on Hardplace Records, Yellowfinger Communications, Future Perfect and Dead Famous. Now signed to Dead Famous, expect to see plenty of deep techy remixes and originals from LuQas and others over the next few months, starting with his remix of Fisso and Spark’s ‘You Are Right’ dropping very soon indeed…….


Wicked show, big thanks to Luqas for the stompin’ guest mix – if you missed it live get in on the archive below as there are some very tasty exclusives in there for ya!


01. 9b0 – Antilightbulb [Glack Audio]
02. AFK – Bergamot (Retroid Remix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
03. Pilot, Sergey Tkachev – Exciter (ST-One Remix) [Flash Records]
04. Helbot – Deep Inside [Composure Records UK]
05. Barbitura feat DJ Dan – Cosmic Belt (DJ Killer remix) [N-Mitysound Records]
06. Karton – Spacetrip82 (Beta Remix) [Sound of Habib]
07. Mesmer – Cubes [Scarcity Records]
08. C83 – Soul Path [En:Vision Recordings]
09. George Lukin – Insignia (Farace Remix) [Badbwoy Bass Records]
10. White Papoo – Histoire Natural (Tek Breaks Version) [Rocstar Recordings]
11. Rex – Atom Smasher [Broken Robot]

Guest Mix – Luqas

01. Robosapiens – Monkey Drummer (Dead Famous)
02. Reead – Nobody’s Innocent – Introspective Remix (Roll Records)
03. Fisso & Spark – You Are Right – LuQas Remix (Dead Famous CDR)
04. Bitrok – My Frequency (Erase)
05. LuQas – Creeper (Yellowfinger Communications CDR)
06. Robosapiens – New World Order (Dead Famous)
07. Hedflux & Tom Wilkes – Basscake (Broken Robot CDR)
08. Z-Listers & LuQas – Communication Error (Hardplace CDR)
09. Chris Nemmo & Andree Eskay – Affectation – Dousk Dub Electro Mix (Restart)
10. Eric Entrena vs D-Unit – Drugs And Stuff- D-Nox & Beckers Remix (Dirty Players)
11. James Harcourt – Moob – (Quivvers Moob Deep Remix) (Baroque)