Disc Breaks with Llupa feat. Jariten – 59 – 8th January 2009

Disc Breaks with Llupa feat. Jariten – 59 – 8th January 2009

The Disc Breaks show is back with a bang in ’09, bringing you another exclusive guest mix. This time from the Sound Of Habib head honcho Jariten aka Johan Soh. Make sure you’re tuned in for this one!


Jariten’s started his path into the world of music by DJ-ing at the very popular student nights in Gothenburg. He quickly became well know on the local circuit for venturing outside the student night norm and intruducing a mainstream crowd to electronic music. As he grew in polularity, playing 3-5 nights a week meant staying awake in class was a near impossible feat, and Jariten left his studies behind, having undertaken an eclectic mix of courses including Chemistry and Chineese.

In 1995 the relentless drum & bass movement took it’s first baby steps in Sweden, and Jariten was right promoting nights and touring with Aphrodite, among others. After a 2 month US tour playing drum & bass, Jariten returned for Europe to play some UK dates, but felt the politics of drum & bass was getting to him and no interesting records were being released. But under the surface things were bubling in London. Jariten met Botchit founder Vini Medley who introduced him to a whole new world of sounds and people. Breaks had all the energy of drum & bass, a more interesting approach and none of the politics. After meeting and getting a studio tutorial from Rennie Pilgrem in 1998, Jariten shelfed his drum & bass records for good and started looking into production.

In 1999 the first Sound of Habib release saw the light of day, distributed by ST Holdings. The track “Enjoy” by Jariten under the “Spark” moniker secured a sureplayer in DJ Magazine, and after having Stisch masterpeice JFK as the 3rd release on the label, it was already legendary. Sound of Habib is the longest running international breakbeat label, and one of the most consistent breaks labels in the world.

Jariten continued using different monikers for himself and his various collaborations and release tunes as Invincible, Random Source, Spark and Johan Soh. In 2006 he felt it was time to focus it all on one alias, and then there was only Jariten.

The strength of Jariten’s production lies in originality and an endless effort to give each track a life of it’s own, something that gives the tracks and remixes extra shelf life, and that is what makes them stay in peoples boxes and cd wallets for a long time.

Jariten has always been an in demand DJ and playing 2-3 times a week means he has done over 1500 gigs in his professional career, all over the globe. His refined surgical mixing skills combined with an uncanny ear for the right tune at the right time, he always has the crowds screaming for more.



01. Andro – Le Jaguar (Beatman And Ludmilla Remix) [Ching Ching]
02. Vandal – Captain Magic (Original Dirty Vox Filth Mix) [Lot 49]
03. Dan F – Interceptor [Disuye Records]
04. Mesmer – Pushy [Sound of Habib]
05. Dascyllus – Tokamak [CDR]
06. RIGLER, Mike – Beirut Nights [Etage Noir Special]
07. Flack.su – T-break (Beta Remix) [Glack Audio]
08. Beatman & Ludmilla – Lizarb The Sad Clown (Plastic Shell Remix) [Ayra Recordings]
09. Rael Borg – Out Of My Mind (Rael’s Bell Mix) [Shiva Records]
10. Stratosphere – Burning Ice (original) [Distinctive]
11. Takomo – Departure [Polar Red]

Jariten aka John Soh

Track list coming….. ]