Disc Breaks with llupa – 50 – 9th October 2008

Disc Breaks with llupa – 50 – 9th October 2008

That’s right, 50 shows on NSB

It’s been an absolute ball over the last year, so a big thanks to NSB, the other DJ’s, the labels and producers and of course the listeners – whether you are listening live, in the chat or grabbing the shows on the archive – cheers!

This week we’ve got a special artist showcase from…….. me

A whole 2 hour showcase of original Llupa tunes and remixes, so get ready as there will be a host of new tunes coming at ya as well as some older favourites….

Cheers for the support, here’s the archive. Big up’s to all who tuned in, great to see the chat so full and thanks for letting me indulge myself so much…

01. Llupa – Over And Out [CDR]
02. Llupa – South Of The Border [CDR]
03. Simon Firth – Operator (Llupa remix) [Vice Versa Music]
04. Llupa – Going Under [CDR]
05. Maher Daniel & Vivie Ann – Sidewalking (Llupa Remix) [Pure Substance Digital]
06. Llupa – Parabolica [Underground Lessons Digital]
07. Llupa – Elan_Vital [Underground Lessons Digital]
08. Llupa – LD50 [CDR]
09. Llupa – Vela [CDR]
10. Llupa – Sebaceous [CDR]
11. Llupa – Shadow Walker [CDR]
12. Llupa – Succour [CDR]
13. Llupa – Kismet [Polar Red]
14. General Midi – Good To Go (Llupa remix) [CDR]
15. Groove Diggerz – Jelly Head (Llupa Remix) [CDR]
16. Llupa – Take No Prisioners [CDR]
17. StepSine – Gen.Sec of Breaks (Llupa Remix) [CDR]
18. Llupa – Nightware [Polar Red]
19. Break The Box – Prostitutes and Video Games (Llupa Remix) [Breakin’ Even]